Watermelon Fake Tan - Melon Glow
Watermelon Fake Tan - Melon Glow

Watermelon Fake Tan - Melon Glow

Who says you can't have your melon and glow too? Our clever fake tan formula not only gifts you an instant bronzed finish but also treats your skin like the VIP it is (and you are, queen). 

Our watermelon self-tan mousse plays nice – gliding on streak-free, as if to say "tan lines? Not today!" And as you apply, let the refreshing Watermelon scent whisk you away to a beachy paradise. It's a little vacation in a bottle! Byeeee 👋✈️

A natural, healthy-looking radiance that you can dial up or down. Our watermelon fake tan lets you control your glow destiny.

  • Two hours for a "Oh, I just caught some rays" vibe,
  • Or eight hours for a "Just got back from the tropics" intensity. And guess what? It's also enriched with Vitamins A and E, plus the Aloe Vera and Green Tea dream team – it's like a spa day for your skin!

See your tan bloom into a deep, golden masterpiece. Our dark formula doesn't just bestow a gorgeous tint, but also whispers sweet nothings to your skin. And oh, that fragrance – it's like a love letter to your senses.

Ditch the pale and embrace the glam with Only Tans 🍉🍉🍉