Tits Up - New Zealand’s First Breast Lift Tape Brand!

Started by a mother and daughter duo, Lisa & Christina who self admittedly don’t have the best of boobs.

Lisa, once had great boobs, however after body changes and four pregnancies' her once-perky tatas were no longer. She would likely argue it was a good trade-off, but she craved a bra solution that would semi-restore the old girls and quickly found there wasn’t one.

Pre COVID19, Christina was booked into to have a boob job in Thailand. Thanks to COVID travel was off the cards and therefore so was the perky new pair of bazookas so she went searching for another solution. This is where Tits Up was born. 

The entire Tits Up range is gentle on sensitive skin, hypo-allergenic, latex free and painless to remove to make your breasts perky, supported and will having you glowing with confidence in minutes.