Tangle Tamer Hair Brush
Tangle Tamer Hair Brush

Tangle Tamer Hair Brush

Locks in knots? Not anymore! Whether your hair is a mane or a marvel, our Scream-Free Hair Brush has your back – no pain, all gain!

Experience ultimate comfort and pain-free hair brushing with Practigal's revolutionary Scream-Free Hair Brush - the Tangle Tamer.

Designed for all hair types, making it the perfect tantrum free hair brush for long, curly, fine, or thick hair.

Our innovative dual bristle design, featuring nylon pins for gentle detangling and boar bristles for frizz control, transforms your hair into a shiny, healthy crown of beauty.

Imagine the joy of brushing your child's hair without the screams! We've ensured it's gentle enough for sensitive scalps, ensuring your little ones won't wince or cry during their hair care routine.

Say goodbye to tears and hello to tangle-free hair (and early morning hair brushing tantrums)!