Only Tans - Fake Tan Drying Powder
Only Tans - Fake Tan Drying Powder
Only Tans - Fake Tan Drying Powder

Only Tans - Fake Tan Drying Powder


We get it – waiting around for your tan to dry is like watching paint dry, but less exciting. Say hello to your new tanning partner-in-crime: Only Tans Instant Tan Set Powder, the ultimate solution for achieving a quick, flawless finish without the hassle.

No more awkward dance moves to avoid smudging your tan! Our Instant Tan Set Powder is here to save the day. As you apply it, watch it work its magic by instantly absorbing excess moisture, leaving your skin touchably soft and your tan perfectly intact.

Designed to ensure your tan sets evenly and you can get dressed asap. Unlike the Tinder date you've been leading on... this won't leave you in a sticky situation – in fact it'll give you a few dry patches (literally).

Whether you're a tanning novice or a seasoned pro, our Instant Tan Set Powder is your go-to sidekick. It's idiot proof, suitable for all skin types, and bid farewell to any worries about uneven drying or color mishaps. Simply dust it on, let it work its charm, and voilà – say hello to a smooth, radiant canvas.

Elevate your tanning game with Only Tans Instant Tan Set Powder. Because waiting around is for yesterday's news. We're a squad of convenience over here, and hear me out, we have a main player in the team right here. Gal, your tanning journey just got a whole lot faster and fabulous. Now, go get 'em (tanned) gal. 

P.s. you kinda need the brush - she's a big bitch 😆😆

Oh and its got 80 grams in it (more than  all competitors)

***I forgot to send this to the photographer lol so enjoy these hairy photoshopped (well canva cos i can't photoshop to save myself) pics.